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(LTBKIT=Welcome!, Android Developers, Administrators, & Super-Users
of the US.California.SoCal.Orange County area!

Since 2009, we are Your Leading Local Community Group,
and we are Here to Serve You!

  • (LTBKK3=Find and join like-minded local developers, designers, & users meeting & succeeding in Android!
    Get your problems solved, put on presentations, help others, find & offer jobs, and team up on projects.
    Just join and RSVP & come to our meetings, share knowledge, and help everyone grow & succeed in Android!))
  • (LTDOG6=your place to network & make tech buds!)
  • (LTBL8S=Mostly small-group meetings where attendees really get to know one another, not just some presentation where you only really get to know the presenter & the organizer.)
  • (LEZXXP= Fast-increasing impressive member list with member pics & intros & supplemented with:
    (LTDPFP=Starting 2011.10, a forum for notable persons)
    (LTDPET=Starting 2010.10, additional detailed bios plus contacts)
    (LEZY0G=Starting 2010.10, map of our meeting attendees with carpool routes!)
    --add yourself here!)
  • (LTDN6S=2011.10 Demographics:
    (LTDNFA=~95% (local=in County))
    (LTDNFV=~80% developers (~20% advanced, ~30% intermediate,~50% beginner), 12% developer managers, ~5% users, ~3% recruiters & admin)
    (LTDNKL=mixed variety of ethnicities & ages.))
  • (LTBKUG Starting 2011.10 by popular demand: Multiple specialized meetup tracks catered to your interests, specialties, and requests:
    (LTDNXQ=for developers: Advanced+Intermediate Meetups, Intermediate+Beginner Meetups, Developer Conferences)
    (LTDNZ4=for users: Info swaps, Classes)
    (LTDNZQ=for all enthusiasts: General Meetings, Hack Nights, major announcement presentations & press-conferences)
  • (LTDOJS=Starting 2011.10, multiple leaders, a growing leadership team, to run our multiple meetup tracks and more
  • (LTBKVB=Starting 2010.10, forum of Jobs Offered & Wanted)
  • (LTDS47=Starting 2010.12, forum of Android Issues (discussion, Q&A, support))
  • (LBCKFF=Starting 2010.10, listing & comparison of Related Groups (us & beyond))
  • ( LTE8WN=Last, we have a Head Organizer who, now, and for many weeks during this year, is working more than full-time, unpaid, to make this all happen, especially due to our recent rapid growth; plus increasing new additional leaders (see above), together all making this group the great place that it is.)

(LTDSHF=New to Welcome to Meetup, too! – the most-powerful major website to find & host in-person groups. If you want, simply use your Facebook to login. Meetup provides you 92,000 in-person local groups: all topics, worldwide, & mostly for free!  Moreover, like a Better Business Bureau member...

We're a proud follower & endorser of
Universal Rules & Guidelines for L2PG1L

a free eBook which includes a great intro to Meetup  )

(LC78Q2=--Yes, membership means something here. So, to become & stay a member, you will need to follow some good rules. Most notable,

  1. (LC78QJ= For your group profile's main pic, have a close-up photo of you which clearly & accurately identifies you.)
  2. (LC78QC=Completely answer all your profile questions.)
  3. (LC78RR=To ideally share your Interests & Groups (to maintain privacy, use just your first name or a handle for your profile name or have multiple profiles (as one for personal and one for business)).)
  4. (LC78QV=RSVP for at least 2 events (your group title will show your RSVP count).)
  5. (LC78R6=To answer the organizer's private Qs when you RSVP (this info is private: only event hosts can see your answers).)
  6. (LTE8FA=If your involvement with our group helps you get paid work or fill a paid position, you must let the head of our group know within a week.
    (LTFJ7P=This group is a free service to the general public and has led many people to find jobs & fill positions; but, per this thread, facilitating all this (finding jobs & good people, and training & meetings & making-connections) and running this group takes hard work and we want & need credit where it's due.))
  7. (LTECO0=With each other (and ideally everyone), members should (communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LRBX9W and avoid private-messages & calls when possible to avoid. For instance,
    (LTED3B=News & info about venues is posted on the venue's thread so all can see, benefit, & reply.)
    (LTED7B=For jobs (recruiters especially, take note!), one (posts the need as a thread in the forum of Jobs Offered & Wanted) and (at least for the reply, encourages reply posts there rather than privately contacting back); the forum's also private so other employers can't see.)
    (LTECMG=No posting direct contacts (as phone #s & emails) except for carpooling & finding-at-a-group-event.))

(LTDTMJ=thread to Comment on this!)

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